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Our Story

The Stone grew from a simple idea. Stuck on a train after a shoot with one of the UK’s best chefs, we were struck why no-one had created a notebook tailor-made for chefs.

The notebook is an essential tool. It’s the place where dishes are first born. And having worked in kitchens in London, San Francisco, Sydney and Paris, we’ve seen the conditions they are subjected to. So using our collective experience, that stretches from kitchens to product development, we set out to create a notebook that was not only beautifully designed but the most practical and sustainable tool possible.

After months of designs, our original prototype was sent to over 100 Michelin starred chefs from the UK, US, Japan and Australia for diligent testing and feedback. With their help, we honed our now flagship product, the Classic Stone.

The Classic Stone launched on Kickstarter in April 2018 and became one of the most backed food projects in the site’s history, gaining the support of over 4,000 pledgers. And thanks to its success, we were able to expand the Stone range to include a collection of new and innovative products. From our Memo Stones to our Sommelier editions, we’re now able to meet the diverse needs of food and drink professionals across the world.

It was these professionals who inspired us to go beyond developing new products and launch a unique editorial platform. With a focus on high quality, engaging content, our new magazine that will begin online, is aimed at global industry professionals. As well as sharing techniques from industry heavyweights, food anthropology pieces and stories on ingredients and regionality, we also want to give experts a platform to discuss the topics that matter to them.

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