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The Granby Chef bundle offers a comprehensive solution for culinary professionals and home cooks, providing them with the tools needed to excel in the kitchen. From protecting clothing to documenting recipes and capturing creative ideas.

The Granby Chef Apron is a high-quality, durable apron designed to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. Made from premium cotton and leather materials, it offers excellent protection against spills and stains and with adjustable straps and multiple pockets, this apron provides convenience and functionality, allowing chefs to keep essential tools and utensils within easy reach.

The Recipe Journal is a master sized notebook with alphabet indexing and a durable, water-resistant cover made of premium, sustainable cotton. All 192 pages are made from our signature stone paper, making the entire notebook water-resistant.  A perfect place for chefs & cooks to store their most precious recipes. The journal contains lined pages, plus conversions on the back pages, a fruit & veg sessions page and index page at the front.

The Stone Classic is our flagship product – a 21cm x 13cm hardbound notebook made of water and greaseproof stone paper and wrapped in a robust, yet beautiful, vegan leather cover. The Classic comes with an array of bespoke features that have made it a must-have for the world’s best chefs.



1x The Classic (Black)

Our flagship product, the Classic, is an A5 hardbound notebook made with stone paper and vegan leather


1x Recipe Journal

A master sized notebook with indexing and a water-resistant cloth cover. The perfect place for chefs & cooks to store their most precious recipes.


Granby Canvas Apron
1x Granby - Black

The Granby Canvas Apron provides comfort and protection to craftspeople of all disciplines. Its robust design features a water-resistant waxed canvas outer while double folded edges give a clean aesthetic finish.


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