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Large Brigade Bundle

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The large brigade bundle is a comprehensive collection of assorted Stone notebooks designed to meet the diverse needs of a kitchen team. It includes 8 Classic Stone paper notebooks, 2 pocket stones and 4 packs of memo notebooks.

The Stone Classic is our flagship product – a 21cm x 13cm hardbound notebook made of water and greaseproof stone paper and wrapped in a robust, yet beautiful, vegan leather cover. The Classic comes with an array of bespoke features that have made it a must-have for the world’s best chefs.

The pocket-sized stone notebooks offer a compact and portable solution for on-the-go note-taking. Whether it's capturing quick ideas, recording recipes, or making personal reminders, these notebooks fit easily into pockets or aprons readily available at all times.

The saddle-stitched memo notebooks, available in both white and blue colours, are perfect for writing down short messages, creating to-do lists, or leaving notes for colleagues. With their convenient size, these memo notebooks can be placed strategically around the restaurant, ensuring effective communication and coordination among the team.



8x The Classic (Black)

Our flagship product, the Classic, is an A5 hardbound notebook made with stone paper and vegan leather


2x The Pocket (Brown)

The A6 version of our Classic Stone with the addition of a semi flex cover


4x Memo

The Memo is a passport-sized, softcover book carefully bound with saddle stitching. The Memo comes in packs of 2 and includes both white and blue covers with gold foiling.


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