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Stone Annual

Made by the industry; for the industry

The Concept

We’re not creating another industry magazine. That’s been done, to death. Instead we are creating a publication that truly speaks the language of our audience, a mix of professionals and food & drink obsessives, and resets the boundaries for food media.

No recipes. No self-indulgent restaurant reviews. No listicles. Rather, compelling storytelling and high-level insight on the chefs, restaurants and producers most worthy of attention. From root vegetable farming in rural Japan to micro-brewing in Burton-on-Trent.

Issue 1: Roots

Stone Magazine will tell the truths of the industry, with deeply researched stories that look beyond the hype machine.

Issue 1: Roots will explore our shared culinary heritage; the forces that have shaped food culture up to this point, and the people taking it forward today. From U.S. Soul Food to the Norwegian aquavit industry.

Features will be human stories, revealing the extremities and hardships faced by those working in food to give readers a candid insight into the industry.

When do we launch?

Stone Annual will be launching early 2024. If you want to be notified when it becomes available to purchase and receive an Early Bird Discount please enter your email below.


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