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The Stone Barista Bundle offers a comprehensive set of tools for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. This bundle includes the Stone Barista Notebook, a pocket notebook for on-the-go note-taking and a stylish Granby Apron.

The Granby apron is a durable and stylish tool designed for professionals in the culinary or hospitality industry. Made from high-quality waxed cotton, it offers excellent protection against spills and stains while adding a touch of sophistication to any uniform. With its adjustable straps and multiple pockets, this apron provides convenience and functionality, allowing bartenders and chefs keep essential tools and accessories within easy reach.

The Brewers Stone provides resources and insight to both professional and amatuer brewers. It boasts all the features of the Classic Stone notebook, including water and beer proof stone paper pages, plus water profiles, gravity and bitterness ranges, flavour wheels, conversions and key equations.

The Pocket Stone is an A6 notebook that’s defined by its semi-flex vegan leather cover. Small flourishes such as printed endpapers and triple satin ribbons make the Pocket as pleasurable to look at as it is to use. True to its name, it’s the perfect book to keep tucked in your pocket.



1x Barista

A journal packed full of resources that baristas and coffee lovers will love. From harvest schedules to varietal trees.


1x The Pocket (Brown)

The A6 version of our Classic Stone with the addition of a semi flex cover


Granby Canvas Apron
1x Granby - Black

The Granby Canvas Apron provides comfort and protection to craftspeople of all disciplines. Its robust design features a water-resistant waxed canvas outer while double folded edges give a clean aesthetic finish.


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